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    Servo Motors

    Servo motor is a rotating actuator that controls the operation of mechanical components in the servo system, making the control speed and position are very accurate. ATO AC servo motors are also brushless motors which with compact design, high performance, fast response, smooth rotation and stable torque. Moreover, ATO gives you unprecedented choice and flexibility from a wide range of standard AC servo motors so you can select the best servo motor for your applications. They come in 40mm to 180mm different square flange size, power rating from 50W to 7.5kW and speed range from 1000 rpm to 3000 rpm.

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    800W AC Servo Motor, 4Nm/12Nm, 2000 rpm

    SKU: ATO-SERVO-110SY800
    Low cost 800 watt brushless servo motor, 2000 rpm, 220V AC single or three-phase input, rated torque of 4N.m, peak torque value up to 12N.m, 2,500 PPR incremental/ absolute encoder attached, manufacturer direct sale.

    1 kW 1000 rpm 10 Nm Brushless AC Servo Motor

    SKU: ATO-SERVO-130SY1000
    High quality brushless AC servo motor, with 1 kW power rating, 1000 rpm, 10N.m rated torque, peak torque up to 25N.m, 220V supply voltage, equipped with a 2,500 PPR incremental encoder. It is available in a 130mm square flange size, with a brake option. Low cost and manufacturer direct sale.

    1.3 kW AC Servo Motor, 2500 rpm, 5Nm/15 Nm

    SKU: ATO-SERVO-130SY1300
    220V AC supply voltage brushless servo motor, single or three phase input, power ratings up to 1.3 kW, rated speed of 2500 rpm, rated torque of 5 Nm, maximum output torque up to 15 Nm. It is available in flange sizes of 130mm square flange size, with brakes and encoder options.

    1.2 kW AC Servo Motor, 3000 rpm, 4Nm/12Nm

    SKU: ATO-SERVO-110SY1200
    1.2 kW power rating servo motor, brushless design, rated torque of 4 Nm, maximum output torque of 12N.m, 3000 rpm, 220V AC supply voltage, equipped with a 2,500 PPR incremental/ absolute encoder.

    AC Servo Drive for ATO Servo Motor

    SKU: ATOMG-1000
    AC servo motor drive, 220V single phase or three phase input, 380V three phase input, is a great fit for applications requiring position, speed, and torque control methods. All the power rating range from 50w to 8.6kw of our ATO brushless AC servo motors will work perfectly with this type of servo drive.