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    VFD for CNC machine

    I. The technical requirement of CNC machine to the VFD:

    1. Require low frequency and high torque
    2. The dynamic response of the torque has fast and stable speed, high precision.
    3. The deceleration halt has fast speed.
    4. Conduct self-learning of the motor parameters
    5. Several requirements of frequency command and operation command.

    II. Application
    Here ATO will take the application of high-performance vector VFD in a CNC machine factory as an example, to discuss about the frequency conversion control technique of CNC machine.
    System composition:

    CNC machine
    ATO VFD has the following superior performances:

    1. Adopt the advanced magnetic flow control algorithm to realize the true vector control of speed sensorless. Its control performance has been greatly improved than the traditional V/F control mean.
    2. High starting torque, 0.21 Hz/150%.
    3. The carrier frequency scope 0-14KHz. It can be adaptively adjusted according to the characteristics of the temperature and load.
    4. Provide the best 0-10V/ 0 (4)-20mA analog quantity interface, which is compatible with the interfaces of most numerical control systems. Have a strong universality.
    5. Have a strong overload capacity, one minute of 150% nominal output current.
    6. Provide multifunctional output terminal signal, such as the failure output signal, signal in operation, speed arrival and other output signals, which can satisfy the monitoring of the system to the speed status of the principal shaft well.

    III. Parameter setting of ATO VFD

    Function code Name Set value Remark
    P0.01 The frequency setting channel is: VI analog setting 5 VI analog quantity setting
    P0.03 The terminal operating command channel is effective 1 Terminal operation
    P0.06 The maximum operating frequency of VFD 100 Maximum frequency
    P0.17 Acceleration time 1 1 Set according to the field condition
    P0.18 Deceleration time 1 1
    P0.19 Maximum output frequency 100
    P1.05 VI maximum setting frequency 100
    P2.05 Halt mode: Deceleration + DC braking 2

    The sequence of ATO VFD terminals:
    FWD-COM: Forward signal
    REV-COM: Reversal signal
    GND-10V: VI analog setting

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