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    VFD for straightening machine

    The configuration of the steel plate fixed size cutting equipment:
    Loading trolley, uncoiling machine, board swaging device, six-layer straightening machine, tracking shearing system, conveying and lifting work platform, double-layer pneumatic layout shelf, hydraulic system, electrical control system. six-layer straightening machineThe overall system adopts the VFD, PLC, touch screen, rotary encoder and other components to constitute the automatic control system of the production line. Under the premise of giving consideration to both horizontal shearing precision and manufacturing efficiency, through utilizing the high-speed counting function of the PLC and the speed regulating and controlling function of the VFD, so as to control the starting, running, speed reducing, crawling and accurate stopping of the straightening roller and pressing roller effectively, thus realizing the high-efficient and automatic cutting fixed size of the metal plate.
    Parameter setting of ATO VFD for straightening machine

    Function code Name Set value Remark
    P0.01 Frequency setting channel 6 CI analog quantity setting
    P0.03 Operating command channel 1 Terminal operation
    P0.17 Acceleration time 1 2 Set according to the field condition
    P0.18 Deceleration time 1 2
    P0.06 Maximum output frequency 60
    P0.19 Upper limiting frequency 60
    P4.01 X2 function selection 17 External reset
    P5.09 Malfunction self recovery times 10 Times

    Note: The straightening machine with 45kW motor employs 60 hp (45kW) VFD. It has stable operation under the condition that the acceleration and deceleration time is only 2s, without any overflow and over-voltage phenomena.

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