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    Handheld Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Gas Detector, 0 to 50/100/500 ppm

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    This pump-type single gas detector is suitable for detecting the leakage of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), with a range of 0-50ppm, 0-100ppm, 0-200ppm, 0-500ppm etc., for options, and gives light, sound and vibration alarm. Favorable price and high reliability.
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    • LCD dot matrix display, direct readout of gas type, unit, concentration, local time, etc.
    • Support English/Chinese operation, easy to shift.
    • Gas concentration unit PPM and mg/m3 can be shift quickly.
    • Built-in micro-sampling pump, 10 grades of suction are available.
    • Explosion-proof certification

    Gas Detector Functions

    • With self-calibration and zero calibration functions, makes the detection more accurate and reliable.
    • One key to restore factory setting, free from maloperation.
    • With temperature and pressure compensation, able to realize the compensation for the gas concentration under different temperature and pressure environments.
    • Two-stage alarm with sound and light, and alarm point is settable.
    • Rechargeable lithiumpolymer battery with large capacity.
    • High-strength special engineering plastic housing, with anti-slip, waterproof, dustproof and explosion-proof


    Model GD200-H2S
    Sampling Method Pump type, flow rate can be up to 750ml/min
    Detection Principle Electrochemistry
    Gas Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
    Range (Optional) 0 to 10 ppm (for atmosphere), 0 to 50 ppm, 0 to 100 ppm, 0 to 200 ppm, 0 to 500 ppm, 0 to 1000 ppm
    Resolution 0.001ppm (0-10ppm), 0.01ppm (0-50/100/200ppm), 0.1ppm (0-500ppm), 1ppm (0-1000ppm)
    Accuracy ≤±3% F.S.
    Responce Time ≤10s
    Repeatability ≤±1%
    Recovery Time ≤10s
    Linearity Error ≤±1%
    Zero Shift ≤±1% (F.S./year)
    Data Logging (Optional Function) High speed data transmission by USB, available for data downloading and printing (The built-in IC card has about 2G memory, which can record 100,000 sets of data.)
    Alarms Sound, light and vibration
    Display LCD dot matrix display
    Language Chinese/English
    Battery 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery, 3.7 Watt
    (Charger included: Input AC 100-240V 50/60Hz with optional USA, Europe or UK plug)
    Operating Time 100h (Pump off)
    Communication Mini USB interface supports standard MODBUS communication protocol
    Explosion-proof Grade Ex ia llC T4
    Case Material ABS+PC
    Protection Grade IP66
    Certification CE, ATEX
    Operating Temperature -20℃~50℃
    Operating Humidity 0~95%RH (non-condensing)
    Operating Pressure 0.8~1.2bar
    Dimension 205*75*32mm
    Weight 300g
    Warranty 12 months
    Extension Probe About 480mm (Total Length), About 300mm (Probe Head)
    Accessories (Optional) Calibration kit - gas pressure regulator (calibration gas cylinder NOT included)

    • Body Material: Stainless steel
    • Input Range of Pressure Gauge: 0-25MPa
    • Output Range of Pressure Gauge: 0-0.6Mpa
    • Gauge Class: 2.5
    • Input Pressure: ≤15MPa
    • Output Pressure: ≤0.45MPa
    • Rated Flow: 0.6 m3/h
    • Connection: Inlet: W21.8-14 teeth/inch (levorotation, dextrorotation) ; Outlet: Ф6 flexible tube

    * If you need a H2S gas detector with other measuring ranges unlisted in above table, please contact us to inform your operating environment, so as to help you choose an appropriate one for your application.
    * We also provide other common gas detectors, and you can refer to ATO Gas Detector Catalog to get the specific gas type and measurement range. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

    *** Other Common Gases and Ranges Available for Portable Gas Detectors

    Gas Type Measure Range Resolution
    Ammonia (NH3) 0-10/20/50/100/200/500/1000/2000/5000ppm 0.01ppm/0.1ppm/1ppm
    Benzene (C6H6) 0-1/5/10/20/50/100/200/500/1000/2000/5000ppm 0.001ppm/0.01ppm/0.1ppm/1ppm
    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 0-1000/2000/5000/10000/20000/50000 ppm, 0-10%/20%/30%/50%/100%VOL 1ppm, 0.01%VOL
    Carbon Monoxide (CO) 0-10/20/50/100/500/1000/2000ppm 0.001ppm/0.01ppm/1ppm
    Chlorine (Cl2) 0-5/10/20/50/100/200ppm 0.001ppm/0.01ppm/0.1ppm
    Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) 0-10/20/50/100ppm 0.001ppm/0.01ppm/0.1ppm
    Ethylene (C2H4) 0-10/20/50/100/500/1000/2000ppm 0.001ppm/0.01ppm/0.1ppm/1ppm
    Flammable 0-100%LEL 1%LEL
    Formaldehyde (CH2O) 0-10/20/50/100/500/1000ppm 0.01ppm/0.1ppm/1ppm
    HC 0-100%LEL 1%LEL
    Hydrogen (H2) 0-10/20/100/500/1000/2000/5000ppm, 0-1%/2%/4%VOL 0.001ppm/0.01ppm/1ppm, 0.001%VOL
    Hydrogen Chloride (HCL) 0-10/20/50/100/200/500/1000/2000ppm 0.01ppm/0.1ppm/1ppm
    Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) 0-10/20/50/100ppm 0.01ppm/0.1ppm
    Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) 0-1/5/10/50ppm 0.001ppm/0.01ppm
    Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) 0-5/10/20/50/100/200/500/1000/2000ppm 0.001ppm/0.01ppm/0.1ppm/1ppm
    Methane (CH4) 0-100%LEL, 0-50%/100%VOL 1%LEL, 0.01%VOL
    Methyl Bromide (CH3Br) 0-1/10/20/50/100/200ppm 0.01ppm/0.1ppm/1ppm
    Nitric Oxide (NO) 0-20/50/100/250/500/1000ppm 0.01ppm/0.1ppm/1ppm
    Nitrogen (N2) 0-100% VOL 0.01%VOL
    Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) 0-20/50/100/500/1000ppm 0.01ppm/0.1ppm/1ppm
    Oxygen (O2) 0-25%/30%/100%VOL 0.01%VOL
    Ozone (O3) 0-5/10/20/50/100/200/500/1000/2000ppm 0.001ppm/0.01ppm/0.1ppm/1ppm
    Phosgene (COCl2) 0-1/5/10ppm 0.001ppm
    Phosphine (PH3) 0-10/20/50/100/500/1000/2000/3000ppm 0.01ppm/0.1ppm/1ppm
    Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) 0-20/50/100/500/1000ppm 0.01ppm/0.1ppm/1ppm
    Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) 0-1000/2000/3000ppm 1ppm
    Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) 0-1/5/10/20/50/100/200/500/1000/2000/5000ppm 0.001ppm/0.01ppm/0.1ppm/1ppm


    Handheld Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Gas Detector Details


    Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) detector with pump-suction style is used to monitor the concentrtion of H2S in the dangerous areas like oil recovery, petrochemical, metallurgy, sewage treatment, exhaust emission, chemical, agriculture, refinery and so on.hydrogen sulfide H2S gas detector applications

    Tips: Gas characteristics and detection of hydrogen sulfide

    Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a flammable colorless gas with a typical smell of rotten eggs. It is easily soluble in water; at the temperature of 20℃, 2.9 volume of is soluble in 1 volume of water. Hydrogen sulfide is also soluble in alcohols, aldehydes, carbon disulfide, petroleum solvents and crude oil.

    Hydrogen sulfide is five to six times more toxic than carbon monoxide and is almost as toxic as cyanide. At the low concentrations (0.13 - 4.6 ppm), hydrogen sulfide smells rotten eggs. When the H2S concentration is higher than 4.6 ppm, the human sense of smell is quickly passivited and the odour of rotten eggs is not smelled. This situation is the most dangerous.

    When the H2S concentration is between 4.3 and 46%, the mixed gas formed with the air will explode in a fire. The burned product, SO2, is still toxic and will continue to harm the eyes and lungs of the human body. The work of preventing poisoning during burning cannot be relaxed.

    Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) exists in a wide range of places like natural gas processing plants, refineries, rubber products plants, pulp mills, tunnels, sewers, sewage ponds, biogas digesters, etc. Therefore, it is really necessary to detect H2S gas concentration before the operations in the above-mentioned places.

    ATO offers you fixed and portable hydrogen sulfide gas detector. Whether selecting portable or fixed H2S detector should be based on the operating environment. The measure range should also be chosen according to the site conditions, so as to meet the different use requirements. Thus, even in the unfavorable working conditions, the detector can also detect harmful gases and promptly give an alarm to the staff.

    Basic Settings of Portable Gas Detector

    This video will show you the basic settings of ATO portable gas detectors including high/low alarm setting, language setting and time setting.

    Calibration of Portable Gas Detector

    This video will show how to calibrate the ATO portable gas detectors.

    Concentration Detection of Pesticides Gas
    Methyl bromide is an organic compound with the chemical formula CH3Br, which is mainly used as a pesticide, fumigant, refrigerant and solvent, and can also be used in organic synthesis.This video will mainly use methyl bromide and CH3Br as examples to introduce the detection of their concentrations.

    How to Detect Hydrogen Sulfide Concentration in the Toilet
    Hydrogen sulfide is a flammable acidic gas that smells like rotten eggs at low concentrations and is very toxic. In actual operation, it is necessary to ensure that the detection equipment or method used can accurately measure the concentration of hydrogen sulfide, and pay attention to safety issues during operation to avoid hydrogen sulfide poisoning.

    How much C2H4 (ethylene) do ripe bananas and apples produce?
    We have various gas detectors such as: CO, O2, O3, H2, NH3, H2S, CH4, Cl2, CH2O, etc, from 0~10000ppm, Industrial or daily use.

    Existing reviews of Handheld Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Gas Detector, 0 to 50/100/500 ppm
    GREAT PURCHASE!!! Saved My Family!!!
    This gas detector is absolutely GREAT!!!! It detected 4 Small Leaks of natural gas in my Boiler Room that I couldn't even smell. I thought it was inaccurate but I'm wrong! Behold, It Was Accurate! Now they are repaired. If you use it correctly, IT WORKS GREAT!!
    From: Paradox | Date: 25/05/2022
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    Solved my gas leak problem
    Buy a gas detector for RV gas detection, small size, save space, just in the second week of using the detector, I found a small leak from the stove, I am very grateful for this hydrogen sulfide gas detector, provide effective testing for my family's health.
    From: Mateo | Date: 19/04/2022
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    Can your handheld hydrogen sulfide connect to the standard MODBUS communication protocol?
    Could your handheld hydrogen sulfide be connected to standard MODBUS communication protocol?
    From: Celine | Date: 28/10/2021
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    Yes, it has mini USB interface supports standard MODBUS communication protocol, but you have design your APP yourself in order to use the portable gas detector RS485 communication.
    H2S detector with other measuring range
    Can you provide handheld H2S detector with 0-10000ppm range because it is not available online : maximum range available is 0-1000ppm?
    From: Rick | Date: 14/01/2021
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    Yes, we can customize the H2S Gas Detector with the range of  0-10000 ppm, but its service life will be only one month.
    Gas detector working pressure
    Can your gas detector work in the 1-5 bar pressure environment?
    From: Brandon | Date: 23/07/2020
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    ATO Responded
    No, it doesn't work with our gas detectors. For the pressure 1-5 bar, you need to reduce the pressure to less than 1 bar, as our gas detector can only withstand the pressure within 1 bar. So, you can add a pressure reducing valve before the gas detector.
    Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Gas Detector calibration
    Does your Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Gas Detector require periodical calibration (it should be self-calibrated)?
    From: Herna | Date: 11/05/2020
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    ATO Responded
    Hi, Herna. Our gas detector has a zero calibration function, and you can use it on site If any abnormal. For periodical calibration, it’s recommended to be done once every year.
    H2S gas detector data logging
    I am looking for a H2S gas detector with data logging function, how does your portable gas detector log data?
    From: Gregory | Date: 29/04/2020
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    ATO Responded
    Hi Gregory.  Our portable gas detector can automatically save gas ppm value, and these data can be downloaded to the computer via the proivded software and USB connection.
    Detection distance for your portable gas detector
    What is the detection distance for your portable gas detector?
    From: Frank | Date: 22/04/2020
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    ATO Responded
    Hi Frank. For our portable gas detector, the detection distance is 15m.
    Optional function for hydrogen sulfide gas detector
    What’s the necessity for optional function for hydrogen sulfide gas detector?
    From: Blake | Date: 05/09/2019
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    ATO Responded
    Dear friend, the optional function of H2S gas detector is to connect the gas detector to your computer via USB for data downloading and printing. It depends on your needs.
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