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    1/2 hp (400W) 24V Brushless DC Motor

    24 volt brushless DC motor, with 400W power rating, maximum power up to 1.2kW. Lower price brushless motor offers a great combination of durability, efficiency, torque and speed, suitable for your application.
    SKU: ATO-80WDM01330
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    1/2 hp brushless DC motor, 24V supply voltage, rated speed of 3000 rpm, max speed up to 3600 rpm. It is widely use in automatic machinery, medical institutions, electronic equiment ect..

    • IP65 rating with shaft seal.
    • Complete protection from dust particles.
    • Can be subjected to moist or humid environments.
    • Long life and highly reliable.
    • Cost-effective replacement for brush DC motors.

    Motor Specifications

    Basics Model ATO-80WDM01330
    Square Flange Size 80 mm
    Motor Weight 2.4 kg
    Technical Parameters Rated Voltage 24V DC
    Rated Current 21.3 A
    Rated Power 400 W
    Maximum Power 1.2 kW
    Holding Torque 1.3 Nm
    Peak Torque 4 Nm
    Rated Speed 3000 rpm
    Maximum Speed 3600 rpm
    Electric Potential 6.7 V/Krpm
    Protection Rank IP 65
    Environment Temperature -20 ~ 55℃
    Humidity <90%RH (no dewing)

    Motor Dimension
    brushless dc motor 80 dimension
    Application Field of Brushless DC Motor
    brushless dc motor applicationsTips: Brushless DC motor for the traction motor
    The traditional traction motors are driven by a DC brush motor, but there are troubles and difficulties in maintenance due to the problem of the motor carbon brush commutator. Brush DC motor cannot be made into a closed structure, it is not suitable to apply in poor environment. However, trams are mobile devices that must withstand harsh environments and bumpy vibrations that happen to be unacceptable to brush DC motors.
    DC brushless motor is applied with the control principle of permanent magnet DC brushless motor, there is no carbon brush and commutator, therefore the motor can be designed to withstand a variety of weather-tight closed-structure. The motor has no maintenance problems, and with a simple structure, it is resistant to bumps and vibrations, in order to achieve a long life.
    After applying the DC brushless motors, all the previous problems can be solved. Since there is no need for carbon brush, the motor can be made into a closed type to avoid the problem that it may face in a bad environment, the starting torque can be up to 400 ~ 600 %.

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