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    Servo Motor for Food Packing Machine

    Marketing of stainless steel servo motors can help producers of the food industry improve design of hygiene machine. Stainless steel servo motor can reduce extra hardware and improve cleanliness, reliability and performance of machines at the same time. The motors adopt smooth and round design which is easy for cleaning, since meat and fluid will not easily gather in surface. The motor is made of grade-300 stainless steel and it will have special treatment after finishing components to remove impurities and further improve corrosive protection performance. In addition, cable outlets of motors are sealed when they leave factory, which can improve product reliability to the utmost extent.
    stainless steel servo motor in food packing machine

    Servo Motor for Industrial Robot

    At present, robot has a rapid development especially industrial robot. However, robot should be improved in response speed, accuracy and technological level. Then, what is the key point? The key lies on core part of robot – servo motor.
    industrial robots

    Servo System in Water Jet Cutter

    Water jet, also called high pressure water jet cutting technique, is a special cold cutting and can realize cutting processing of any curves. Now it is widely used in industries like aviation, automobile, stone material, glass, metal, concrete and so on. Servo system takes its own advantages to the application in water jet cutting, which brings a lot of benefits, like high efficiency, low consumption, high cutting precision and high rate of finished products.

    Servo Motor for Inkjet Printers

    It is well known that torque of stepper motor is big in slow speed but it will drop sharply after it reaches above 600RPM, making stepper motor cannot be applied on occasions with high speed motion. Moreover, since positioning defects of stepper motor when it stop working will cause location errors, it cannot meet requirements of modern inkjet printers on high speed and high efficiency any longer. However, servo motor has characteristics like rapid response, high speed and high positioning accuracy, thus modern inkjet printers generally select motors of this kind as cloth feeding motor and small panel control motor, thus forming the situation of the high and medium-end market which centers on alternating servo motor system.
    inkjet printer

    Servo System Controlling in CNC Bending Machine

    CNC Bending Machine is a machine to process metal plates and it mainly uses hydraulic system to blend panels into different shapes. In view of defects of the hydraulic system of traditional bending machine and characteristics of forming techniques and processes of equipment, it adopts servo drive, servo motor, and gear pump to adjust control system of flow and pressure of hydraulic system, which can reduce system energy consumption and temperature-rising of hydraulic oil, and improve operational reliability of equipment at the same time.

    Energy Saving Servo System for Injection Molding Machine

    Illustrate the transformation process by taking dedicated servo system of injection molding machine: First, it should replace general asynchronous machine and dosing oil pump of the former system with servo motor and internal gear pump, add pressure transmitter in output direct pipes of oil pump and get rid of proportional pressure valve of the former system and corresponding amplifier board. Pick up analog signals whose pressure and flow are given from computer control of injection molding machine, transform them into 0-10V DC analog pressure signals through comprehensive processing and directly add them in input terminals of system pressure given signals and system flow given signals of servo drives, and connect pressure sensors in exit of oil pump with pressure feedback signal terminal of servo. Servo system can have PI adjustment through connected pressure and flow signals and change output torque and speed of servo motor so as to change output flow Qt and pressure p of oil pump to meet oil pressure and flow required by injection molding machine in various processes.

    AC Servo Motor for Fully Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine

    Fully automatic terminal crimping machine is kind of electromechanical integration machinery which integrates the three major processing procedures of the end of wiring harness, namely, cutting off, flaying. It can process a harness in an average speed of less than 1s and its flaying precision can reach to as high as 0.01ms. To meet the requirement, executive motor plays an important role. Due to its advantages, like high stability, small vibration and high precision, AC servo motor has become a first choice of most fully automatic terminal crimping machine as system executive motors. The AC servo motors are well applied to the wire harness processing of fully automatic terminal crimping machine, which can improve processing efficiency and precision.