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    Inflatable Blower for Bounce House

    There is a high-speed rotating rotor in the inflatable air blower, and the rotor will turn the power of the blades on the impeller to drive the air to move at high speed. It is a machine that drives the blades to rotate with energy and also referenced as impeller machinery. The working principle is to transfer energy to a continuously flowing fluid. ATO inflatable blower has been available in various models and different power to meet customer needs in many aspects. Moreover, the small size and light weight of the ATO air blower is easy to operate, user-friendly and portable.

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    Using in kinds of bounce house
    The design associated with inflatable air blower is becoming ever more catchy, and the trampolines on the market are becoming more and more personalized. These include bouncy houses, bouncy castles, water slides, obstacle course props, related inflatable game, as well as inflatable arches and advertising or promotional inflatable products. As the world diversifies, so do the ways of entertainment. Some inflatables are designed to allow for games such as boxing ring, basketball, water soccer, penalty shootouts and gladiator duels. The sprang up in trampoline park services in recent years has been popular with a considerable number of young people and children. Inflatable products cannot be separated from the use of inflatable blowers. The two complement each other. ATO air blower can be applicable to the following kinds of bounce house.

    • Airdancer was used in the Olympic Games promotion, which is a movable and inflatable advertising product, also called Skydancer. Nowadays, many supermarkets or large events have its figure near the scene, with its eye-catching and unique shape to gain people's attention. It also can add various elements of holiday celebrations.

    Air blower airdancer


    • Inflatable castle is an integral part of the children's entertainment. Parent-child activity places and some parks are also set up. A number of families also assemble their own in the yard or install a water bounce house nearby the pool, playing with their families and friends, which is already a cool Ideas for hot weather.

    Air blower bounce house

    Why choose ATO bounce house blower?
    As an indispensable component of inflatable products, the role of the bouncy castle blower is certainly the most critical. Even with the best inflatable castle, if the blower does not work, it can not run. All these show that the fan will directly affect the operation of the service. At the same time, the quality of the bouncy castle blower is also essential. ATO blower adopts strong and efficient motor. There are many types of high pressure fans, including the 380 watts, 480 watts, 680 watts, 750 watts, 1.1 kW and 1.5 kW six power models, which are appropriate for different models of inflatable bouncers. The fans perform smoothly and quietly during operation. The shell of the manufacturing fan uses high-quality PE engineering plastic with light quality and relatively better heat resistance and durability. It also services the purpose of waterproofing. The air outlet is equipped with a sturdy protective net, which can effectively prevent the entry of impurities. The miniature size of the bounce house blower with a portable handle is convenient to carry.

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