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    VFD for industrial washing machine

    Automatic industrial washing machine refers to the washing machine in big volume, which has the functions of initial washing, washing, rinsing, bleaching, dehydrating and so on. Furthermore, the functions are not required for manual operation. According to the different means of vibration attenuation and vibration prevention, it can be divided into suspension vibration prevention type, water injection balance vibration prevention type and gravity stationary type. At present, the mainstream product in the market is the suspension vibration prevention type automatic industrial washing machine. It is mainly constituted by shell, rack panel, inner roller of the principal shaft, transmission system, vibration prevention system, front door component, feeding component, braking component, water discharging valve component, controlling component, pipes and pneumatic system, etc.
    industry washing machine
    The working principle of the automatic industrial washing machine is: under the unified deployment and management of the time schedule controller. The VFD controls the induction motor to carry out positive and negative revolving uninterruptedly, thus achieving the non-synchronous movement of the water and the clothes, so as to enable the water and the clothes to rub and knead, thus being cleaned. The following is the washing procedures:

    • Start
    • Wash (forward, stop, reverse)
    • Distribute cloth uniformly
    • Medium speed dehydration
    • High speed dehydration
    • Finishi

    Because of its incomparable performance and outstanding advantage in property price, the VFD satisfies the technical difficulties of the industrial washing machine which requires high starting torque, multi-stage speed, wide voltage scope, automatic rotating-speed difference compensation as well as the convenient and strong communication mean. In addition, it has stable performance, so that it is applicable for various complicated high temperature, high humidity environment. It adopts the scientific user-defined V/F curve, which enables the washing machine to have stable operation and reduced current, so that the customers will have stable operation in using. Therefore, it is favored by the customers. It fully satisfies the requirements of the industrial washing machine for high torque, multi-stage speed, wide voltage scope and automatic rotating-speed difference compensation. Furthermore, the VFD can provide convenient communication mode and stable performance. Therefore, it is suitable for the high temperature and high humidity environment in the hotel laundry. What's more, the suppliers of the VFD can provide timely and perfect service.
    Parameter setting of ATO VFD

    Function code Name Set value Remark
    P0.00 Multi-stage setting operation 5 number of stage
    P0.02 Effect control of the external terminal 2 Terminal control
    P0.05 Maximum operating frequency 120 Set according to the field condition
    P0.08 Upper limiting frequency 120
    P0.10 Acceleration time 120
    P0.11 Deceleration  time 50
    P3.08 Multi-stage speed 0 6
    P3.09 Multi-stage speed 1 8
    P3.10 Multi-stage speed 2 12
    P3.11 Multi-stage speed 3 60
    P3.12 Multi-stage speed 4 100
    P6.00 Multi-stage terminal 1 12
    P6.01 Multi-stage terminal 2 13
    P6.02 Multi-stage terminal 3 14
    P6.03 Forward rotation 1 Forward rotation setting
    P6.04 Reverse rotation 2 Reverse rotation setting
    P8.00 Thorough self-learning of the VFD 2 Self-learning setting

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