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    Clamp Meter Price List

    A clamp meter, also known as a clip-on ammeter, current clamp, is an electronic test instrument used to measure current non-contact. A clamp meter is an essential tool for electricians and electronic repairers to measure current and ensure proper operation and safety of electrical circuits. ATO online shop will provide you with a range of prices for different types of clamp meters.

    Clamp ammeters are widely used in the fields of power engineering, electronic maintenance, energy management, and environmental monitoring, providing high-accuracy current measurement, convenient data logging and analyzing functions, as well as portability and ease of operation, the clamp meters are an essential tool for modern electricians and technicians to help ensure the proper functioning and safety of electrical circuits.

    The price of a clamp meter depends on the model and brand selected, as well as additional features and performance levels. Before purchasing, it is advisable to consider your specific needs and budget to choose the most suitable clamp ammeter. Whether you are an electrician, power engineer, or electronics technician, you will be able to find the right clamp-on ammeter for your job requirements.

    ATO Shop Clamp Meter Price List

    Product Name Function SKU USD
    Digital Clamp Meter, AC Current 400A NCV and Automatic Measuring ATO-CLAM-2019A 83.89
    Digital Clamp Meter AC 400 amp TRMS/NCV/Temperature/Capacitance ATO-CLAM-2019C 81.89
    Digital Clamp Meter AC 600A Temperature/TRMS/NCV ATO-CLAM-9258FC 89.98
    AC/DC Mini Clamp Meter NCV/TRMS/Temperature/Capacitance ATO-CLAM-220D 106.39
    Mini Clamp Meter, AC Current 600A True RMS Function ATO-CLAM-3268A 73.89
    Mini Clamp Meter, AC Current 600A NCV/TRMS/Capacitance/Temperature ATO-CLAM-3268B 80.89
    Mini Clamp Meter AC/DC Current 600 amp True RMS ATO-CLAM-3268D 105.39
    Clamp Meter AC Current 600A Measurement True RMS ATO-CLAM-2018A 88.89
    Clamp Meter with 600A AC Current Capacitance/Temperature/TRMS/NCV ATO-CLAM-2018B 103.89
    AC/DC Clamp Meter 600 amp True RMS/Capacitance/Temperature ATO-CLAM-2018D 113.29
    Clamp Meter 1000A/AC AC Current ATO-CLAM-6266 76.49
    Current Clamp Meter AC/DC 80A NCV AC 600V Measuring Range ATO-CLAM-FC-33 198.56
    AC/DC Current Clamp Meter 200A NCV/Analog Display ATO-CLAM-FC-36 253.39
    Leakage Current Clamp Meter Measuring Range AC 200mA/2A/200A ATO-CLAM-DT-9810 186.98

    Clamp Meter Advantages

    • Non-contact Measurement: Clamp ammeters can measure current without disconnecting the circuit or touching the wires, ensuring the integrity of the circuit and reducing operational risk.
    • Safety: The risk of electrocution is reduced, especially in high-current environments, as direct contact with wires is not required.
    • High Accuracy: Modern clamp meters provide highly accurate current measurements for a wide range of current ranges, ensuring accurate results.
    • Convenience: Clamp ammeters are often portable, lightweight, and easy to carry for quick and easy fieldwork.
    • Versatility: Many clamp ammeters are equipped with a variety of functions, such as current, voltage, resistance, temperature, and power measurements, making them all-in-one test tools.
    • Data Logging and Analysis: Some models of clamp ammeters can log measurement data for subsequent analysis and report generation, helping to track current trends and troubleshooting.
    • True Value Measurement: Some models of clamp meters can measure currents with non-sinusoidal waveforms, providing accurate true value measurements.
    • Fast Response: Clamp ammeters typically have a second response time, allowing them to quickly detect changes in current and issue alarms.
    • Environmentally friendly: Clamp meters are environmentally friendly as they do not require the destruction of wires or the use of chemicals.

    Please note that prices may also be affected by brand, functional additional options (e.g. data logging, communication interfaces, etc.), accuracy, and model number. In addition, market prices change over time, so it is advisable to find the latest prices and speak to a merchant for an accurate quote before purchasing. can provide you with detailed information about a product or service to help you make an informed purchasing decision, and we are here to help.

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