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    How to Control DC Servo Motor Speed with Analog?

    The DC servo motor has many advantages, including low cost, simple structure, large starting torque, wide speed regulation range and easy control. It is easy to maintain (replacement of carbon brushes) and it has requirements for the environment. Therefore, it can be used in general industrial and civil occasions. Next we'll look at how to control DC servo motor speed with analog.

    This is ATO BLDC servo motor kit, including a DC servo motor, servo driver, power line, encoder line and communication line.

    Basic components of DC servo motor kit

    This is its control port input terminal, we try to use the potentiometer to control the motor speed.

    Control port input terminal

    We have to connect the communication line, the interface is 2, 3, 5.

    Wiring diagram of DC servo motor kit

    We use a multimeter to determine which the output pin of the potentiometer is.
    Connect it to port 12, 13, and 14 according to the instructions in the circuit diagram.
    Connect the communication line to the PC.

    Open the software on the PC

    Open the software, you can see the driver and PC communicate normally.
    We need to pay attention to configuration options.
    The priority can be adjusted in the running item, RS232 priority or analog quantity priority.
    Confirm that the analog input “Ain3” mode is “Absolute”.
    Confirm that the pulse “Plus3” is in the “disabled” state.
    Then save to the drive.

    Because we adjusted the analog signal to the highest priority, the analog indicator in the window will light up.

    Speed change in the speed monitoring

    When turning the potentiometer, we can find that the speed has changed in the speed monitoring. (Because it rotates in the opposite direction, the encoder appears as -)
    When the potentiometer input is 0, the speed becomes 0.

    View the video below to know more about analog control the speed of DC servo motor. In addition, ATO has a wide range of DC servo motor for your choices, selectable rated power of 100W, 200W400W, 500W, 800W, 1000W, 1200W1500W2000W3000W. Buy a right DC servo motor to meet your exact requirements now!

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