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    Pressure Switch Price List

    The pressure switch is a device combined with an electrical switch. When the preset fluid pressure is reached, it will perform a switch contact action to control the pressure. The pressure switch adopts high-precision, high-stability pressure sensor and transmission circuit, and realizes the functions of detection, display, alarm and control signal output of medium pressure signal through special CPU modular signal processing technology.

    The pressure switch can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, water supply and other fields to measure and control the pressure of various gases and liquids. It is an ideal intelligent measurement and control instrument for industrial sites. Pressure switches can prevent damage to important devices in production engineering and avoid major production accidents. For your convenience to choose the right pressure switch, here is the pressure switch price list.

    Pressure Switch Price List

    Product Name Price SKU
    Oil Pressure Switch, 50 to 350 Bar $115.69 ATO-OPS-02H
    Air Pressure Switch, 0.2 to 45 Bar $59.52 ATO-PS-LF08
    Water Pressure Switch, 0.1 to 20 Bar $86.51 ATO-PS-LF703
    Mechanical Pressure Switch, 0.5-150 Psi $67.46 ATO-PS-LF20
    Hydraulic Pressure Switch, 0.2 to 400 Bar, 1NO+1NC $107.14 ATO-PS-LF727
    Digital Air Pressure Switch, M5 $142.06 ATO-DPS-10
    High Precision Digital Pressure Switch, Rc1/ 8 $104.92 ATO-DPS-30
    Digital Water Pressure Switch with LCD Display $78.77 ATO-LFDS10
    Air Compressor Pressure Switch 1-35bar $81.85 ATO-LF12
    Air Compressor Pressure Switch 240V $63.38 ATO-LF10-L
    Adjustable Air Pressure Switch 200psi $69.54 ATO-LF10
    Adjusting Air Compressor Pressure Switch 120V $88.00 ATO-LF17
    Water Pump Pressure Switch 1.0-16.0bar $64.95 ATO-LF18

    How Does Pressure Switch Work?

    Mechanical pressure switch

    It is mainly composed of power or pressure sensitive components (feeling external pressure), mechanical linkage mechanism (transmitting pressure), micro switch (executed by normally open and normally closed contacts) and other parts. When the power element is driven by external gas or liquid and can overcome the elastic force of the compression spring, it will push the piston rod up, causing the micro switch to act (that is to say, the normally closed contact is disconnected, and the normally open contact is closed), so that control the circuit.

    When the external pressure disappears or the pressure is low, the piston breaks away from the micro switch under the action of the spring to reset the contact system. When selecting a pressure switch, factors such as pressure range and working temperature are mainly considered. The minimum pressure value of the pressure switch action is called the rated value of the pressure switch, and its size can be adjusted by the screw according to the actual use of the controlled object to meet the needs of different requirements and occasions.

    The Function of Pressure Switch

    When stress occurs, the ECU can be signaled to increase the speed to prevent vibrations caused by fluctuations in engine speed during sudden load increases. It can also play the role of detection, display and alarm, and can also control the signal output well, so that the system can run normally. When used in an air compressor, it can help the air compressor to adjust the start and stop status, so that the air compressor can get a proper rest and play a role in maintenance and adjustment.

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