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    Energy Saving Servo System for Injection Molding Machine

    Illustrate the transformation process by taking dedicated servo system of injection molding machine: First, it should replace general asynchronous machine and dosing oil pump of the former system with servo motor and internal gear pump, add pressure transmitter in output direct pipes of oil pump and get rid of proportional pressure valve of the former system and corresponding amplifier board. Pick up analog signals whose pressure and flow are given from computer control of injection molding machine, transform them into 0-10V DC analog pressure signals through comprehensive processing and directly add them in input terminals of system pressure given signals and system flow given signals of servo drives, and connect pressure sensors in exit of oil pump with pressure feedback signal terminal of servo. Servo system can have PI adjustment through connected pressure and flow signals and change output torque and speed of servo motor so as to change output flow Qt and pressure p of oil pump to meet oil pressure and flow required by injection molding machine in various processes.

    AC Servo Motor for Fully Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine

    Fully automatic terminal crimping machine is kind of electromechanical integration machinery which integrates the three major processing procedures of the end of wiring harness, namely, cutting off, flaying. It can process a harness in an average speed of less than 1s and its flaying precision can reach to as high as 0.01ms. To meet the requirement, executive motor plays an important role. Due to its advantages, like high stability, small vibration and high precision, AC servo motor has become a first choice of most fully automatic terminal crimping machine as system executive motors. The AC servo motors are well applied to the wire harness processing of fully automatic terminal crimping machine, which can improve processing efficiency and precision.

    VFD for industrial washing machine

    The working principle of the automatic industrial washing machine is: under the unified deployment and management of the time schedule controller. The VFD controls the induction motor to carry out positive and negative revolving uninterruptedly, thus achieving the non-synchronous movement of the water and the clothes, so as to enable the water and the clothes to rub and knead, thus being cleaned.

    Fiber laser cutter for sheet metal working

    The traditional cutting technology includes flame cutting, plasma cutting, water jet cutter cutting, linear cutting, punch processing and so on. As an emerging technology in the recent years, laser cutting irradiates the laser beam with very high energy density to the workpiece ready to be processed, so that the locality will be heated and melted. Then high-pressure gas is used to blow away the slag and form the cutting seam.

    Fiber laser marking machine for jewelry

    The aesthetic appreciation is the nature of every woman. Jewelry is an indispensable decoration of females. In purchasing the jewelryfiber laser marker for gold jewelry, the texture, color, appearance, workmanship and the peculiarity are elements must be considered in purchasing. Since most of the jewelry is made of gold, silver, Pt, diamond or other expensive raw materials, the requirements to the workmanship are also very high. As an advanced processing equipment, the fiber laser marking machine has become the first choice of numerous jewelry processing manufacturers because of its exclusive advantage.

    Laser marking machine for food packaging industry

    The laser system will be able to choose a certain thin layer to line in the soft package. Such a behavior will be able to realize the perfect tearable effect and maintain the completeness of the thin layer, so that the outer layer will be kept perfect and not be damaged. As a result, we can prevent the products in the package from having problems of keeping in light and moisture.

    Laser Welding Technology for Cardiac Pacemakers

    It's successful that use laser welding machine on the implanted pacemaker for seam welding. This passage describes the laser welding machine structure and selection of welding technology parameters. With the development of medical technology, in recent years, the demand for implanted heart pacemakers is growing. In order to develop this product, ATO actively cooperates with relevant enterprises to apply laser machining technology to the heart pacemaker industry. After more than one year repeated experiments, finally solved the implant type pacemaker shell sealing welding technology, meet the extremely strict quality requirements of the cardiac pacemakers' production.