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    Fan Capacitor Price List

    Why are capacitors used in fans?

    The main function of the capacitor of the electric fan is that the capacitor and inductor in the electric fan have the function of phase shifting, the terminal voltage of the capacitor is 90 degrees behind the current, and the terminal voltage of the inductor is 90 degrees ahead of the current. First of all, capacitor phase shifting, once the capacitor is energized, the circuit charges the capacitor, and the voltage tends to 0 at the beginning when the charging current is the maximum.

    As the amount of capacitor charging increases, the current becomes smaller and the voltage increases to the end of the capacitor charging, the capacitor charging current tends to 0, and the voltage at the end of the capacitor is the maximum value of the circuit. This completes a charging cycle, and if we take the terminal voltage of the capacitor as the output, we can get a voltage that lags behind the current by 90 degrees.

    The phase shifting voltage is said to be 90 degrees behind the current. Because the inductor has a self-inducting potential that always prevents the variables in the circuit from changing, the phase shift is exactly the opposite of the capacitor's. When the circuit is turned on, the voltage at the end of the inductor is the maximum and the current is the minimum at the beginning of a cycle.

    At the end of a cycle, the voltage at the end of the inductor is the smallest and the current is the largest, resulting in a phase shift with the voltage 90 degrees ahead. Here it is said that the hysteresis or 90 degrees ahead is only for pure capacitance and pure inductance, there is no pure capacitance or pure time inductance in practical applications. Therefore, the phase shift effect of a capacitor or an inductor cannot be 90 degrees hysteresis or 90 degrees ahead.

    Fan capacitor price list

    Product SKU Capacity Rated Voltage Price
    Ceiling fan capacitor ATO-FC-CBB61-005 0.5μF 450V $1.18
    ATO-FC-CBB61-008 0.8μF $1.28
    ATO-FC-CBB61-012 1.2μF $1.59
    ATO-FC-CBB61-01 1μF $1.48
    ATO-FC-CBB61-015 1.5μF $1.62
    ATO-FC-CBB61-018 1.8μF $1.69
    ATO-FC-CBB61-025 2.5μF $1.98
    ATO-FC-CBB61-035 3.5μF $2.39
    ATO-FC-CBB61-040 4μF $2.69
    ATO-FC-CBB61-050 5μF $2.99
    ATO-FC-CBB61-060 6μF $3.59
    ATO-FC-CBB61-080 8μF $3.98
    ATO-FC-CBB61-100 10μF $4.28
    ATO-FC-CBB61-120 12μF $4.68
    ATO-FC-CBB61-200 20μF $4.99
    Fan capacitor ATO-FC-CBB61-1523 1.5μF+2μF+3μF 450V/500V $1.62
    ATO-FC-CBB61-15123 1.5μF+1.2μF+3μ $1.59
    ATO-FC-CBB61-1812 1.8μF+1μF+2μF $1.49
    ATO-FC-CBB61-223 2μF+2μF+3μF $1.56
    ATO-FC-CBB61-456 4μF+5μF+6μF $1.79

    Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, please contact us now.

    ATO fan capacitors have good stability, inrush current resistance, strong overload capacity, low loss, high insulation resistance, long rated working life, excellent self-healing performance, built-in flame retardant epoxy resin filling, safe and reliable, non-toxic capacitors without leakage and liquid materials, conducive to environmental protection, etc. Fan capacitors are widely used in refrigerators, air conditioners, electric fans, household appliances, electronic products, etc.

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